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Breakfast With Tiffany Show | Understanding Japanese Traditional Performing Arts "Nihon Buyo"

Breakfast With Tiffany Show | Understanding Japanese Traditional Performing Arts "Nihon Buyo"

This is the Breakfast with Tiffany show where your host Tiffany Rossdale, a transgendered lifecoach & aspiring actor, will invite you into the insightful stories of influential people with topics ranging from health and wellness to LGBTQIA+ in Japan and from around the globe! These series are spoken in both Japanese & English. You can also change the subtitle in both languages. In this episode, we would like to introduce you to the ancient tradition of Japanese dancing, also known as “Nihon Buyo”, and we have our guest Shinnosuke-san who specializes in Japanese classical dance drama from the age of five. With the support from family and influence of his grandmother, Shinnosuke shares his love of the historical & spiritual arts as he guides us through what ‘Nihon Buyo’ has to offer. Below is the flow of the talk by Tiffany x Shinnosuke San. 0:00:00 - Tiffany’s introducing Shinnosuke San 0:01:06 - What motivates you to start the day? 0:01:46 - What was it like growing up being Shinnosuke San? 0:02:35 - Do you have any siblings? 0:02:46 - What about your parents? 0:03:54 - How did you start with “Nihon Buyo”? 0:04:51 - Was it passed down by generation? 0:05:57 - At what age did you start performing on stage? 0:06:24 - Why did you like it (Nihon Buyo)? 0:07:47 - How many hours did you practice as a kid? 0:08:51 - What is Nihon Buyo? 0:10:46 - Did Nihon Buyo start spiritually? 0:12:48 - What makes you love Nihon Buyo? 0:14:20 - What kind of spaces do you perform at? 0:15:13 - What is your most unforgettable performance? 0:16: 21 - What words from your audience have moved you? 0:18:04 - More to come in the upcoming video! If you are enjoying the show, please show us love by SUBSCRIBING and pressing the LIKE buttons below. And if it resonated with you or maybe someone you know, feel free to SHARE and COMMENT. Shinnosuke's Official Social Media Links Instagram ~ @yuu_10021 Facebook ~ For questions, requests, collaborations and comments, feel free to reach us via our e-mail ~ If you find this episode valuable to you, consider a minute to support the show by buying us plenty of tea or through the support Paypal link. We will appreciate your generosity to help grow this channel. For coaching sessions and programs with Tiffany, check out her official page ~ Follow Tiffany Rossdale Instagram ~ Official Facebook Page ~ Support the show ( #japaneseculture #japanlife #nihonbuyo #japanesedancer #spiritualdance #japandance
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